Put your nose in a book with our roundup of delightfully nerdy face masks.
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Put your nose in a book(ish mask)
By the LJ and SLJ editors

With coronavirus cases spiking dangerously in states across the country, there is more reason than ever to practice social distancing and wear a face mask. Levity is hard to come by in these dire times, but we aim to find joy where and when we can, often in little ways that bring a smile. To that end, we rounded up some of our favorite book-themed face masks for sale, to keep you safe while proudly proclaiming your love of reading and libraries.
And even though many family road trips are canceled or postponed, summer is still a great time to enjoy an audiobook, perhaps on a socially distant walk in your neighborhood. Our resident readers' advisor recommends five titles that offer escape and enlightenment.
While books on antiracism for adults continue to soar on best-seller lists, it's important not to forget the crucial conversations that can, and must, happen with children. We offer information and suggestions on continuing—or starting—discussions with even the youngest kids in your life.
For weary parents on the hunt for ways to keep kids of varying ages engaged and occupied, consider the near-universal appeal of gross but fascinating science, from creepy crawly bugs to the ins and outs of our digestive system. These titles, many of which offer easy-to-do, at-home science experiments, are guaranteed to keep kids wide-eyed and occupied... at least for a bit. 
image Masks, Library Style
By Meredith Schwartz
These library- and book-themed offerings can make safety precautions fun and show your library love all over your face.
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image Five Summertime Audiobooks
By Neal Wyatt
Whether you're are looking to match the perfect story with an escapist drive, a socially distanced walk, or the opportunity to float away, safely indoors, this sampling of the season's top listens promises rich audio experiences. 
image Crucial Conversations: It’s Never Too Early To Talk About Race
By Kelley R. Taylor
Research shows that preschoolers categorize people by race, can be conscious of social stereotypes as early as age six, and naturally attribute positive traits to their own ethnic or racial groups. Experts agree that discussions with children about race and racism can and should begin early.
image 100+ New Books from Black Authors Coming Out This Fall & Winter
By Barbara Hoffert
#BlackLivesMatter—and Black voices matter, too. Here is a list of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry from Black authors appearing in 2020. 
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image How Educators Are Reimagining Libraries in the Wake of COVID-19
By Linda W. Braun and Mega Subramaniam
Youth librarians are ditching antiquated legacy approaches and taking bold steps to ensure that libraries are inclusive, accessible, and responsive during the current crisis and beyond.  
image 8 Podcasts To Inspire Summertime Writing
By Anne Bensfield
Experimenting with fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction, or other genres, kids can write a new world that leaves COVID-19 behind—or address the pandemic head-on and go deep into emotions and experiences.
image 7 Books Chock-Full of Weird Science & Gross Facts To Fascinate the Whole Family
By SLJ Reviews
Nothing like bugs that fizz, animals with mucus-skin, and slimy information about digestion to get the whole family in on these weird science lessons!
image 10 Great Reads for Upper Middle Schoolers
By SLJ Reviews
Finding books that are age-appropriate but still compelling enough to hook the interest of older tweens and young teens can be tricky. Here are some of our recent favorites. 
image Austen Is Always a Good Idea
By Neal Wyatt
Austen is celebrated for her wit and biting observations, for drawing on small events that bloom large in the life of her characters, and for stories that unfold in a perfect staccato rhythm. Here are two novels to get started and three more that offer gateways to the rich world that exists around Jane-mania.
image Virtual Events Calendar: An Eclectic Roundup of Weekly Book-ish Things for Kids and Teens
By Kimberly Olson Fakih
Holiday House Summer Camp, Pirate Camp, and other reimagined summerscapes join our line-up in the virtual space—take a look at our continuously updated calendar of events.

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